Take Action

Personal action will make a difference to ensure that people have a healthy and sustainable existence on this planet. It is important that we educate ourselves about what is really happening to our environment, a thing that we are a part of, not separate from. Once we know our role in it, we must learn new habits and choose environmental health over laziness or greed. We can have it all, but we must demand change……Where your money goes, your power goes, buy sustainably (and like everything, the cost will decrease as use increases)!

Here are some examples of innovations in alternative packaging and sustainable living. There are more videos on why it is essential that we choose action over complacency, stop turning a blind eye, and recognize that personal action will make a difference-leading by example does start trends, and if you do not do it-no one will. It is all on each of us as individuals!

Visit http://www.yeafrog.org/take-action/ for more ideas after you check out the ones below!

I walk my talk and I challenge you to do the same.

Say “NO” to Plastic! Follow this link to help you start living a plastic free lifestyle:


Go zero waste!


Say no to shark fin soup, shark products and vote to ban shark finning and fishing, say yes to a clean ocean-without it, we lose!