Welcome to the Florida Master Naturalist Program!

 The Florida Master Naturalist Program is offered through the University of Florida/IFAS Extension, and has a goal of promoting awareness, understanding and respect of Florida’s natural world.  To attain this goal you learn about Freshwater Wetlands, Coastal Systems and Upland Habitats. Each module requires 40 contact hours and includes field trips, presentations, discussions and projects. For more information about the course, please visit

 We offer 3 core modules and 5 specialty modules in Broward County.

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The 3 Core Modules include: Uplands, Coastal and Wetlands
The Specialties include: Habitat Evaluation, Wildlife Evaluation, Interpretation, Conservation Ecology and Coastal Restoration.
Tanawha Presents and The Natural Areas Program and the Extension Education Section of Broward County Parks and Recreation Division are pleased to announce that we are collaborating on a Uplands course in Broward County, to train Florida Master Naturalist professionals and volunteers. This opportunity will allow participants to receive national and state certification as part of the UF-IFAS Master Naturalist Program while preparing to contribute to the sustainability and conservation of Broward’s precious native vegetation and wildlife resources. Volunteers who will assist the Parks and Recreation Division with its natural areas will receive specialized training after the course.
The course instructor, Kristen Hoss of Tanawha Presents consulting firm, has more than 25 years of experience in the field of ecology (inclusive of marine,aquatic and terrestrial) and the management of natural areas and wildlife. Extension Education’s John Pipoly is the co-instructor; he will teach plant identification and vegetation types and habitats. Another partner and instructor for the course is Robin Reccasina, from the Sawgrass Nature Center. She specializes in education and interpretation for younger crowds. For our Coastal course, Becky Weeks is our newest assistant instructor. She is an expert in marine mammals and naturalist interpretation. New to Broward County FMNP, Rebecca Weeks, Manager of Green Cay Nature Center and expert in marine mammals. She brings new information and opportunities to the Broward program.
The course consists of 40 contact hours, plus independent time for the projects. The class will meet in the evening for three hours up to twice per week for a total of seven days, followed by six-hour field trip and classroom days on 3 Saturdays. Required fieldwork will involve hiking, patient observation, and environmental interpretation in a variety of park settings. The venue for the course varies, see the registration page for details. The course fee is $225 and may be made only via the Master Naturalist Program Website,, by following the Quick Links to “Course Schedules,” followed by “Uplands” under Course Modules, then finally, “Broward”, where you will link to a secure server to register and pay online. Enrollment is via the Website only, is on a first-come, first-served basis, and is limited by the University of Florida to 25 participants.
This is one of three main modules to be offered. The other two main modules and four specialty courses will be offered later in the year. For further information, contact the course instructor, Kristen Hoss, at

Click the Patch to download a PDF of the FMNP Pamphlet!



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