Tracks, Trails and Other Tails…

Tracks, Trails & other Tails                     

U-Pick-It lessons: feeding & breeding; habitat & survival; plants & animals; scientific investigations in the schoolyard with data collection and analysis; adaptations; make sampling gear; birds; fish; etc…

Big Ideas:                    

1: The Practice of Science, 2: The Characteristics of Scientific Knowledge                                                      

  3: The Role of Theories, Laws, Hypotheses, and Models, 5: Earth in Space and Time, 6: Earth Structures

8: Properties of Matter, 14: Organization and Development of Living Organisms                                             

15: Diversity and Evolution of Living Organisms, 16: Heredity and Reproduction, 17: Interdependence

                                        Grades:       Science Standards:                                                                                                                                           

                                        K                      SC.K.L.14.1/L.14.2/L.14.3/N.1.1/N.1.2/N.1.3/N.1.4/N.1.5/P.10.1                                                                                                        

                                        1                      SC.1.E.5.3/E.5.4/E.6.1/SC.1.E.6.3/L.14.1/SC.1.L.14.2/L.14.3/L.16.1/L.17.1/N.1.1/N.1.2/N.1.3/N.1.4/P.8.1

                                        2                     SC.2.E.6.1/E.6.2/E.6.3/N.1.1/N.1.2/N.1.3/N.1.4/N.1.5/N.1.6/P.8.1/P.8.2/P.8.3/P.8.6                                        

                                        3                     SC.3.E.6.1/L.15.1/L.17.2/N.1.1/N.1.2/N.1.3/N.1.4/N.1.5/N.1.6/N.1.7                                                              

                                        4                     SC.4.E.6.3/L.17.3/L.17.4/N.1.1/N.1.3/N.1.4/N.1.5/N.1.7/N.1.8/N.2.1/N.3.1                                                                                         

                                        5-6                SC.5.L.14.2/SC.5.L.17.1/SC.5.N.1.1/SC.5.N.1.2/SC.5.N.2.1/SC.5.N.2.2/SC.6.N.1.1/SC.6.N.1.2                   

                                        7-12              TBD

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