Paper, Plastic or the Planet????

Paper, Plastic or the Planet? This program is all about plastic and alternatives. It explores how land and sea-based sources of plastic enter the ocean and in turn, the food chain. We will explore our role in plastic consumption, decomposition of plastic versus alternatives, non-renewable resources, and ways we can choose to live in a more sustainable, plastic-free world.

Experiments,models, renewable & non-renewable resources, watersheds and carbon cycles, interdependence of organisms and resources, human impacts and solutions!

Big Ideas:                    

1: The Practice of Science, 2: The Characteristics of Scientific Knowledge

3: The Role of Theories, Laws, Hypotheses, and Models, 6: Earth Structures, 8: Properties of Matter

9: Changes in Matter, 10: Forms of Energy, 14: Organization and Development of Living Organisms

15: Diversity and Evolution of Living Organisms, 17: Interdependence

Grade:   Science Standards:  

K-1            SC.K.N.1.5/P.8.1/SC.K.P.9.1/SC.1.E.6.1/E.6.3/L.14.3/L.17.1/N.1.1/N.1.2/SC.1.N.1.4

2               SC.2.N.1.1/SC.2.N.1.2/SC.2.N.1.3/SC.2.N.1.4/SC.2.N.1.5/SC.2.N.1.6/SC.2.P.8.1

3               SC.3.N.1.1/SC.3.N.1.4/SC.3.N.1.5/SC.3.N.1.6/SC.3.N.1.7/SC.3.N.3.2/SC.3.N.3.3/SC.3.P.10.2/SC.3.P.8.3

4               SC.4.E.6.3/.L.17.4/N.1.1/N.1.3/N.1.4/N.1.5/N.1.7/N.1.8/N.2.1/SC.4.N.3.1

5-6           SC.5.N.1.1/SC.5.N.1.2/SC.5.N.1.3/SC.5.N.2.1/SC.5.N.2.2/SC.6.N.1.1/SC.6.N.1.2/SC.6.N.1.5

9-12         SC.912.E.6.6/L.17.11/L.17.12/L.17.13/L.17.14/L.17.15/SL.17.16/L.17.17/.L.17.18/SC.912.L.17.19                                     


Program cost is $6.00/ student with a minimum of $120.00 per program