CO2 Calamity

We are offering an exciting and fun hands-on program that is sure to completely engage your students while learning important Science, Language Arts and Social Studies Sunshine State Standards.


Our in-school field trip is called the CO2 Calamity – a global challenge with personal solutions.  During this program, your students become Global Ecologists and discover the excitement of Global Connectivity and the Science of Ecology while experimenting, touching and researching real specimens!


Come and explore with us for this 50 minute to 1.5 hour experiential program on which your Global Ecologists take a journey through the Scientific Method utilizing hands-on activities including experimentation and model building using biodegradable and recycled materials to develop hypotheses; and through critical thinking and problem-solving, solve the increasing dilemma of human impacts on our world and empower themselves to make a difference starting today!


This program can accommodate grades K-12 and can be tailored to your curriculum needs. Moreover, the program can be expanded to include an introduction Marine Archaeology.


The program can be tailored to focus more on the Practice of Science, Properties of Matter, Interdependence or Archaeology when requested.

co2 calamity standards 

Program cost is $6.00/ student with a minimum of $120.00 per program