Here is what students and teachers have to say about Tanawha! (AKA Kristen Hoss) 

“She was so good, she said things in a way that I could understand and made it fun!” – Briana, 7th grade student from Sawgrass Springs Middle School

“Kristen Hoss is one of the most exciting presenters for children I have seen in my 23 years of teaching.  She arrives in plenty of time to be set up and ready for the first group of students. She does whatever it takes to keep them engaged and to get the educational message across in a fun hands on way.”  JoAnn Cantlupe, Environmental Science Magnet Coordinator, Sawgrass Springs Middle School

“CO2 Calamity Outreach Program captivated my kids and kept them interested the whole time. The instructor did an outstanding job covering Sunshine State Standards with hands-on activities. At the conclusion of this program, my students had a clear understanding of ocean acidification and how they can get the word out and make a difference!”  Linda Peterson, Science Teacher, Sawgrass Springs Middle School

“The presentation on water pollution and coral polyps in our exhibit hall was both fun and educational. It was a delight to see the children with their hands busy experiencing environmental science!…The information that your team provided will hopefully cause our children and their families to think about ways they can positively impact our environment.” Linda Rand, Science Resource Teacher, Country Hills Elementary School

“Mrs. Tanawha is fun, alot of fun.” Vanessa from Oakridge Elementary.

” Thank you for coming to show us some cool experiments and learning about how to stop pollution, and to save ocean plants and corals. We loved the experiments and learning together!!”Sebastian, an elementary school student.

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