Ecological Consultation

I have a Masters degree in Conservation Ecology and Wildlife Sciences, my thesis is entitled :

Ecomorphological and Ontogenetic Principles Applied with Population Dynamics as a Method for Rapid Assessment of Populations of Thalassoma duperrey and Thalassoma bifasciatum

I have worked as a Biologist / Ecologist for a variety of organizations. Worked performed includes both terrestrial and aquatic ecology (marine and fresh water environments).

Some specific functions I perform include: Endangered species reintroduction, Environmental Assessments, Habitat assessments and restoration, NEPA assessments, Coral reattachments, Coral monitoring, Marine Ecosystem Monitoring, Fish surveys (marine and fresh water), Marine Archaeology surveys and reporting, Remote sensing, Human health and safety investigations, Airport safety / wildlife hazard assessments, Physical and chemical capture and  immobilization of wildlife, Radio telemetry, Clinical pharmacology, Diagnostic testing….

My work has been featured on National Geographic and the Arizona Wildlife Views Show:

While working on the Black-footed Ferret Reintroduction Project

While working on the Tres Rios Wetland Restoration Project and Beaver Population Monitoring Project

Beaver research with the USDA-APHIS-Wildlife Services in partnership with the Arizona Game and Fish Department.

For a complete resume of how I can be of assistance, please contact Kristen Hoss.